MI-AMTE / Cac 2021

Saturday, March 20, 2021, 8:30am - 12:30pm

This year's MI-AMTE/CaC conference is being held online.

This year's conference is shaped by the historic events that shaped 2020 and what was learned by the MI-AMTE community who worked to design and facilitate mathematics teacher learning experiences in that context.

The conference will launch with a plenary talk, proceed into breakout discussion sessions organized by topic themes to address key questions posed by participants and session facilitators, and conclude with a moderated panel session through which participants will hear ideas considered across breakout groups. The conference will close with the annual MI-AMTE business meeting.

Conversations Among Colleagues


Conversations among Colleagues was designed in 2003-2004 to facilitate conversations between and among mathematicians, mathematics educators and leaders in mathematics education. The day-long meeting consists of talks and conversations related to mathematics education and the preparation and continuing professional development of teachers of mathematics Pre K-College. In 2015, the Conversations Among Colleagues became the official conference of the Michigan Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (MI-AMTE).

Theme for 2021: Reimagining Opportunities for Mathematics Teacher Learning

Our field has rarely experienced such an abrupt and acute need to change the ways that we support teacher learning as we encountered in 2020. To sustain teachers’ opportunities to learn, teacher educators, mentors, coaches, and other educational leaders have had to make swift and continuously changing improvements. Out of necessity, they have sought out and developed new tools and approaches, reprioritized tasks, and reconsidered past routines while staying true to their core goals and responsibilities to teachers. In this context, this virtual MI-AMTE Conversation Among Colleagues Conference is dedicated to bringing our community together for rich conversations focusing on what we have tried and learned about supporting the development of mathematics teachers and the implications these experiences have for future efforts.

Plenary Speakers

Mike Flynn

Director, Mathematics Leadership Programs

Mount Holyoke College

"Engaging Teachers in Remote and Hybrid Learning"

Panel: Reimagining Mathematics Teacher Learning

Moderator: Nicole Garcia, UM Ann Arbor

Social Justice in Teacher Education: Corey Drake, MSU

Mathematics Content Courses: Nina White, UM Ann Arbor

Elementary Teacher Education: Margaret Rathouz, UM Dearborn

Secondary Teacher Education: Stephanie Casey, EMU

Professional Development of Practicing Teachers: Anthony Stamm, Ann Arbor Public Schools